Our Most Requested Services

Sample Trip Quotes

To give you a ballpark idea, here are some sample quotes for requests we’ve gotten from our customers:

Example #1:

A high school in Mesa, Arizona recently booked a charter bus rental for their annual campus tour for prospective students. With over 100 students and chaperones attending, they required a full-size charter bus that could comfortably accommodate their large group. The tour would last approximately 6 hours, with stops at various campus facilities and nearby attractions. Based on the duration, size of the group, and amenities requested, the total cost for their charter bus rental was quoted at around $950. This price included the bus rental itself, as well as the teamr’s services for the day-long excursion.

Example #2:

A software company in Mesa, Arizona needed transportation for a team-building retreat. With 45 employees attending, they reserved a full-size charter bus to shuttle everyone to and from the event venue located 2 hours away. The company paid $975 for the round-trip bus rental, which included the team’s wages, fuel, and parking fees. By splitting the cost among all attendees, each employee only paid $21.67 for convenient, comfortable group transportation to the corporate event!

Example #3:

A high school baseball team in Mesa, Arizona recently needed transportation for an upcoming tournament in nearby Tucson. With 18 players, 4 coaches, and a significant amount of sports equipment to transport, the team settled on renting a full-size charter bus with a seating capacity of 56. Since the tournament spanned 3 days and the round-trip distance was around 200 miles, the rental company charged a daily rate rather than hourly or per mile. To account for the higher demand during peak season, the daily rate was set at $950 per day, totaling $2,850 for the 3-day rental period. Additionally, the team was responsible for covering any tolls, parking fees, and a hotel room for the team during the overnight stay in Tucson. With the added costs, the final charter bus rental price came out to $3,200, which was split evenly among the players, coaches, and parents for a very reasonable per-person cost!

Example #4:

A group of retirees in Mesa, Arizona recently requested a charter bus rental for a day trip to the nearby Tonto National Forest. With 40 passengers, they needed a full-size bus to accommodate everyone comfortably. The trip was approximately 120 miles round-trip from Mesa to the forest and back, spanning around 8 hours in total. Based on the distance and duration, the rental company quoted them $1,200 for the full-day bus rental. This price included the bus, professional team, and all travel fees and gratuity. The retirees were pleased with the affordable per-person cost of just $30 for a fun and convenient group outing!

Example #5:

A bride in Mesa, Arizona booked a charter bus for her wedding party to travel between the ceremony venue, reception hall, and hotel. Since the wedding took place in early June during peak season, the rate was higher at $850 per day. The bride needed the 56-passenger bus for two days to accommodate her large wedding party and family members. With travel between multiple locations, the cost for the two-day rental totaled $1,700. To avoid extra fees for going over the included mileage, the bride provided a detailed itinerary with all stops. She also secured parking permits in advance and booked a hotel room for the team, which added $150 to the total. After a 20% gratuity of $340 for the exceptional service, the all-in cost for the wedding transportation was $2,190.

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